Winter Skin Tips

We are approaching the winter and with the holidays and time off from work, we also must acclimate to cold, dry weather. This makes the winter an important time to not only wear your warmer clothing but also to accessorize with moisturizers.

The cold weather makes our skin prone to dryness and eczema. This makes it that much more important to moisturize daily or twice daily to keep your skin from drying and cracking. Asteatotic eczema or “winter itch” is more common during this time. Also remember that although hot showers feel nice during the cold times, they also make our skin dry and prone to eczema.

Also packing a lip balm is important to keep your lips moisturized. The cold weather, as well as wind, are a perfect recipe for dry, chapped lips.

If your skin is becoming dry or you are having trouble keeping your skin in check during the holidays, we would be happy to help you here at California Dermatology Specialists for a consultation and to make sure that your skin is at its best for the holidays!

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