Laser Vein Treatment

Laser Vein Treatment

Laser Vascular and Pigmented Lesion Treatment

Whether on TV or in magazines, every day we are bombarded with images of movie stars and models with clear, smooth, beautiful skin that looks so perfect and so natural. Although we know that in reality, the faces that we see have the benefit of airbrushing, Photoshop, and professional make-up artists making their skin look perfect, it can still be frustrating to look in the mirror and see blemishes, uneven pigmentation, and lesions that don’t respond to normal skincare regimes and cannot always be covered by make-up. Unfortunately, regardless of how well you take care of your skin on the outside, genetic birthmarks, medical conditions, inflamed and irritated blood vessels, and exposure to the powerful UV energy of the sun can create unsightly and unwelcome pigmentation problems that can compromise your naturally-beautiful complexion as well as your self-confidence and self-assurance.

Thanks to the amazing power of light and recent advances in aesthetic cosmetic technology, however, you no longer need to simply “put up with” visible vascular lesions and pigmentation problems and can finally achieve the clear, even complexion you have been dreaming about. Today’s precise and powerful laser-based treatments, in the hands of the skilled and experienced Board Certified dermatologist Eric Meinhardt at California Dermatology Specialists, located in Brentwood, Los Angeles, can reduce and even eliminate many pigmentation problems safely, comfortably, and highly effectively, restoring your naturally-beautiful complexion and youthful glow.

At California Dermatology Specialists, we are pleased to offer the cutting-edge Iridex® DioLite™ XP laser for the quick and effective treatment of vascular and pigmented skin lesions. This incredible, state-of-the-art system offers one of the highest power lasers, enabling rapid treatment times and optimizing facial treatments.


Iridex® DioLite™ XP laser is an ideal treatment for reducing the appearance of vascular lesions such as:

  • Telangiectasia: red lines or patterns on the skin caused by the widening of tiny blood vessels
  • Rosacea: small, red, pus-filled bumps on the skin or facial redness, flushing, and the appearance of blood vessels under the skin
  • Spider angiomas (spider veins): the abnormal collection of blood vessels visible through the surface of the skin, usually on the face and neck
  • Cherry angiomas (senile angiomas or Campbell de Morgan spots): a skin growth with a reddish appearance caused by broken blood vessels
  • Port wine stains: a permanent birthmark that gets its name from the collection of abnormal blood vessels giving the skin a dark red or burgundy hue
  • Small varicose veins: Blue or purple veins in the legs that appear twisted and swollen underneath the surface of the skin

As well as common pigmentation concerns:

  • Lentigines (liver spots, senile lentigines, solar lentigines, sun spots, or age spots): flat, brown, gray, or black spots on the skin caused by the excess production of melanin
  • Dermatosis papulosis nigra: a benign skin condition occurring in about a third of black Americans, characterized by small, hyper-pigmented papules on the face
  • Seborrheic keratosis: sharply defined, light or dark brown, flat patches that appear “stuck” onto the surface of the skin that, if left untreated, can continue to expand and thicken, and may become inflamed and irritated

How Do Laser Treatments Work?

At the most basic level, laser treatments work by utilizing precisely targeted heat energy to destroy unwanted tissue. When targeting inflamed blood vessels at the root of vascular lesions, the heat energy is absorbed by the red blood cells inside the damaged blood vessels, destroying the cells and causing the build-up of scar tissue which allows the vein to die and be painlessly and naturally reabsorbed by the body. When treating pigmentation problems, the precisely-targeted heat is absorbed by the pigment causing the dark or discolored patch, causing it to fade and even disappear entirely.

Laser treatments are generally comfortable and do not require the use of anesthetics, although some individuals may benefit from the use of a topical anesthetic cream, especially if the target area is particularly large or in a sensitive area. Depending on the severity of the aesthetic concern, most patients will require multiple treatments spaced about one month apart. At your initial consultation, we will work with you to develop a customized treatment plan designed to address your unique skin concerns while maximizing your comfort, safely, and results.

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